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"Toward a Family Fully Alive"

Didaskalos' series on family 

Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Priests for the Family 

The Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (DCJM) examine what it means to be a priest for the family. Inspired by the priesthood of St. John Paul II, the DCJM desire to teach families of their beauty and greatness, to guide them to holiness, and to help them discover their mission. This book discusses the relationship between the vocation of the priesthood and the vocation of marriage and family life and how this relationship strengthens and supports both vocations.

The Faithfulness that Writes a Story

Emanuele Scotti gives witness to the power of faithfulness and the strength of God’s love as he tells the story of his marriage and divorce, the pain of seeking to understand what has happened, the hope found in faithfulness to the truth, and the capacity to reach further in faith than he ever imagined. Emanuele’s story is a sign of hope to every family wounded by divorce that God’s love and mercy is accessible to all who open their hearts to receive it. .

Priests for the Family

The Disciples in the Catholic Herald

The Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary lead families to holiness as they follow in the footsteps of St. John Paul II (Ashleigh Buyers | Catholic Herald)

DCJM Catholic Herald
Fr. Leopoldo M. Vives, pastor of Queen of Apostles Church in Alexandria, walks with a mother and daughter at Queen of Apostles parish school.

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