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Hope, from the Eucharist

Key to rebuilding after the pandemic

José Granados, Superior General


After the waves that have marked this pandemic, the question of hope arises: what future awaits us, and can our action generate a new future that brings us closer to the fullness of the future? These questions are answered precisely from the Christian action par excellence: the Eucharist.

The relationship between Eucharist and hope is rooted in Jesus' Last Supper. The Lord celebrates the Eucharist looking to the future, giving thanks for the risen body that the Father will give him. And the Church also celebrates it looking to the future, so that the Eucharist may transform us according to the model of the glorious body of Christ, with its energy to submit everything to him (Phil 3:21).

If St. Augustine called the Eucharist "the sacrament of hope," this means that hope becomes visible and concrete in the Eucharist. Tell me what the Eucharist is like and I will tell you what Christian hope is like. And also: tell me how you celebrate the Eucharist, and what place the Eucharist has in your life, and I will tell you what your hope is like.

It is time to rekindle hope, rekindling the energy of the Eucharist to transform man. We can break this energy down into three aspects: a) the new man; b) the new communion; c) the new fruit...