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Pentecost: Paths of the Spirit in our Flesh

"Pentecost: Paths of the Spirit in our flesh".
Pentecost is a day of gratitude for Disciples as we remember our approval by the Church at Pentecost 2002. The presence of the Spirit at the origin helps us to see our history as a gift of God, and this is precisely a name that tradition has given to the Spirit. He is a special gift: the gift that helps us to recognize other gifts and to accept them as such. Today, nineteen years after that date (and thirty-four since the first approval), it is an occasion to give thanks for that descent of the Spirit upon our lives, which has spread little by little over the great discipleship family.

Pentecost! Irruption of the Spirit as a hurricane wind and devouring fire. Courage of the preaching Apostles and unity of the Church sharing one heart and one soul. Does this describe the full flow of the Spirit?

The Spirit brings us something else for the concrete moment that our society and our Church are living, when it seems that the pandemic waves are calming down. For we perceive the need to...

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