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Perpetual Vows

Homily, May 8th, Br. Juan Puech Helguero's Perpetual Vows

"No one will snatch them out of my Father's hand" (Jn 10:29). These are the words of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, referring to his sheep. The Lord thus transmits to us his deepest secret: the mystery of the Father and of his love. And he applies to us what he would say of himself, in the context of the abandonment of the disciples, the scattered sheep: "I am never alone, the Father is always with me" (Jn 16:32).

1. "No one will snatch you out of your Father's hand”. The image of the shepherd carrying the sheep on his shoulders comes to mind. Or sometimes the sheep is also in his arms, and he protects and reassures it. To make perpetual vows is to place oneself in the hands of the Father.