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Friends Newsletters


When you enroll our Friends of the Disciples program you will receive semi-annual newsletters, bringing you the most up to date news regarding our family life and ministry. You can read former newsletters in this page.


  • N 1. Summer 2010

    Articles: Hello and Welcome; Cross of the Disciples; New brother. His story; History of the Order

  • N 2. Christmas 2010

    Articles: New brother. His story; Passing on the Faith; History of the Order; Celebrating 20 years

  • N 3. Christmas 2011

    Articles: WYD 2011 in Madrid; Introducing Fr. Leopoldo; Christmas at the Mother House; Br. Juan Espino - vows

  • N 4. Spring 2012

    Articles: Source of the Gift. The heart of the spirituality of the order; Spiritual Exercises: Villaescusa, sweet home; Postcards from Spain
  • N 5. Advent 2012 Special Edition

    Articles: 25th Anniversary Special Edition; Giving Thanks, Bearing Fruit; Homily by Bishop James D. Conley; Celebrations around the world; New Horizons in the Year of Faith
  • N 6. Spring 2013

    Articles: When God calls a son; The making of a disciple; The Exchange program; Financial Report 2012

  • N 7. Fall 2013

    Articles: Update from Alexandria; On Fire for the Lord; Your Gift Counts


Financial Reports


When you enroll in our Friends of the Disciples program you will receive annual financial reports, with an overview of the needs met by your donations. You can read our financial reports in this page.