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Faith Formation


Theological formation is one of the basic elements of the Christian formation of adults. Aside from our dedication to teaching theology in higher education, we also promote faith formation activities for youth and adults.

Some of the activities we offer include:

  • Discipleship Nights, a year-round faith-formation activity at St. Mary Parish in Littleton, CO (USA). The conference or lecture is followed by a question and answer session or small-group discussions.
  • Lectio Divina, in which, by the hand of an expert in Sacred Scripture, we delve into a sapiential reading of the sacred texts.
  • Galilee is an activity for the whole family. It consists in an offering of the day with the whole family, a time of Eucharistica adoration, and a conference for the adults, while the younger members of the family participate in a parallel formation activity.
  • Aside from these activities, we have several publications in the “Didaskalos” collection. It includes books that offer reflections as well as important works of thought by various authors.