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Ioan Gotia (


Our Institute has a special interest in the study of culture from the perspective of arts and humanities. It is a field that is can be used to announce and communicate Christ to others.

Religious orders, throughout the history of the Church, have and have had distinguished artists among its. His passion for art was manifested when he was very young, inspired by the example of his grandmother and his mother, both of whom share in the same passion.members. We participate in this tradition thanks to Ioan Gotia, a member of our Institute and author of the murals in the Residence House Benedict XVI in Rome.

In 1997, Ioan graduated from the Liceo of Fine Arts “Romul Ladea” (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). Four years later, he earned a degree in Theological Studies. In 2010, he earned his doctorate in Ecclesiastical Sciences in the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, with a concentration in Bizantine Iconography.

During 2004-2005, Ioan taught two university-level classes in Iconography at the Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Gaming, Austria. Between 2005-2006, alongside Fr. Tomaš Labanič, he painted the mural and the iconastasis (wall of icons) at the Greek-Catholic chapel of the Annunciation at the same Institute. 

In 2007, while in Rome, he painted the frescoes of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit at our house in Rome. He joined our religious community, and after completing his novitiate, in 2011, he works under the direction of Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik, S.J., director of the Centro Aletti in Rome. In A year later, he completed a mural painting of the Chapel in the Sacred Heart School in Derroñadas (Soria, Spain). Several of his paintings from previous years have been used for book covers. 

Currently, he is collaborating on a team from the Aletti Center to paint a mural in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament of the Church of St. Pius of Pietrelcina. (San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy).

Ioan Gotia’s Work