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The Epidemic, Time to Remember the Great Words

The prodigal son, beset by the plague of hunger, rediscovered the meaning of many words he had forgotten: son, house, mercy, brother... And so he returned to the Father who taught him to speak, who had given him all these words. For us too, this test of the new virus, by forcing silence, opens up a space for us to recover the great words that give meaning to our journey: what is the body, what are the sacraments, what is life and what is health, what is the family and what is society? Our Superior General, Fr. José Granados, will offer us each day an audio commentary on one of these great words, which resounds differently during the quarantine, revealing a hidden richness.

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Education (29th March 2020) 

Forgiveness (28th March 2020) 

Providence (26th March 2020) 

Future (25th March 2020) 

Confession (24th March 2020) 

Society (23th March 2020) 

Father (22th March 2020) 

Life (21th March 2020) 

Body (20th March 2020) 

Introduction to Great Words (19th March 2020)